K!CK Fitness

JBG, a leader in the Washington residential real-estate market, came to Brand+Aid with a novel idea: Brand the fitness centers located in its new and future residential properties. With more than 4,500 multifamily units already in its portfolio and hundreds more coming to market in the next few years, a strong brand for JBG’s fitness centers would not only add to the amenities of residents, but help lease or sell new units. JBG partnered with accomplished fitness entrepreneur and personal trainer Ryan Stitt to launch K!CK Fitness: Brand+Aid created all the work from the ground up, including logo, website, signage, poster, onsite branding, door-hangers, postcards and other brand-identity pieces. The concepts centered on the funny terms that people ascribe to their nagging body issues, and dynamically charged clients to K!CK those concerns out of their lives.

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